Apple TV - Second and Third Generation

Here are instructions from one of our listeners on getting the Apple TV second and third generation to work with Calm Radio's member channels. Thank you member Lantz Newberry.

  1. On your computer in the iTunes menu -->Preferences -->Sharing tab, check the box "Share my library on my local network" and select "Share entire library."
  2. On your Apple TV under the Settings menu -->Computers -->Turn on Home Sharing, then under the Computers menu choose the available computer that will play your Calm Radio VIP channel.
  3. Go to the "Home" menu on the website. Look for the iTunes icon. Click that. It will take you to the iTunes channels page. Select any channel...then choose iTunes High, Med or Low.
  4. iTunes will open. Enter your username and password
  5. When the stream is running in iTunes choose "AppleTV" from the list of available speakers in the lower right-hand corner of your iTunes application.
  6. The channel will then show up in "Music" under the "Library" column in iTunes and start playing automatically.
  7. The music should now be playing out the line outputs of your Apple TV.
  8. Reminder: Be sure you have enabled "Home Sharing" on your iTunes installation....and on your Apple TV
  9. Reminder: Be sure it is running on the *same* WiFi network that your AppleTV is connected to."

Another listener has reported an issue where he was not getting sound at all. This was resolved by resetting the Apple TV: 

  1. Go to Settings --> General --> Reset
  2. Wait until it resets (approx) 4 minutes
  3. You might have to re-enter your internet settings again.



iTunes Rebuffering / Stopping

Sometimes iTunes will "rebuffer" and briefly pause and in other cases stop completely and look stuck. iTunes playing is not the best for streaming and this will happen more frequently the higher the audio quality of the stream is. This can also happen quicker on computers with low system resources like small RAM memory installed and/or older slower CPUs.

  1. If you are experiencing rebuffering, simply delete your iTunes Calm radio channel and reload from our website using a slower audio speed when you first select the channel. Instead of using HIGH setting, try choosing LOW speed.
  2. Also check your internet speed here: To listen to Calm Radio seamlessly and without the music cutting out, ideally, you should have 5 Meg download speed or greater. Nowadays, 10 Meg is a normal "Medium" download speed. Some Calm Radio listeners have download speed up to 50 Meg. Because the cost of having high-speed internet has dropped dramatically over the last few years, it is more affordable than ever and we highly recommend upgrading your internet speed to as fast as possible.
  3. Are you on a wireless or WiFi connection? Depending on the distance, the strength of the wireless modem, that may slow your signal down. Move your computer or internet radio closer to your wireless modem.


In iTunes, Track Title Only Shows as "Stream Name"

iTunes has a bug! After loading your iTunes tracks from our website into your itunes, your new loaded channel might display only as "Stream Name".

To correct this:

  1. In iTunes, simply select and highlight the channel with your mouse
  2. Start and stop the track
  3. Then go into the iTunes "File" menu
  4. Select the "Get Info" menu
  5. Do nothing except click "Ok"
  6. The track name will magically appear in iTunes


iTunes Does Not Open Automatically

MAC Users

When you choose iTunes, a file is downloaded in your "Downloads" folder called a .pls file. It might look something like "Calm Radio Solo Piano.pls"

This .pls file needs to know in which application to open. Here is how:

  1. Go into your "Downloads" folder, and look one of these files...
  2. Then click once on the file to select it
  3. press "Command I" on your keyboard...
  4. then choose "Open With"
  5. Click the dropdown menu under "Open With" and then select iTunes (probably under "Other"

Lastly make sure you click "Change All" to make sure all similar .pls files on your computer will open correctly.

You will only have to do this procedure once.

PC Users

Sometimes, if you have iTunes installed on your PC, you might need to make a small setting change for it to load into iTunes. If you don't have iTunes installed on your PC, you can download it free and install easily and automatically. Get iTunes here.

If you are on a PC computer, you might need to make a setting change in your "Default Programs", which is located in your "Start Menu" on the right side.

Windows 7 Users

  1. In your "Start Menu", look for "Default Programs"
  2. Click "Set your default programs"
  3. Select "iTunes"
  4. If you want to make iTunes your default media player, then select "Set this program as default"
  5. If you would like to keep using Windows Media Player but would like to also use iTunes, then select only "Choose defaults for this program"
  6. On the left-hand side under the heading "Extensions"...near the bottom, look for ".pls Winamp playlist file". Check this and then "Save" on the lower right of the window.

Windows XP Users

  1. In your "Start Menu", look for "Set program access and defaults"
  2. Click "Set your default programs"
  3. Select "Non-microsoft"
  4. Look for "Media Player"
  5. Select "iTunes"
  6. Hit "Save" and wait until it completes.


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