Calm Inventions: Meditation Sensors

By Eric Harry

Every once and a while, something comes along that is truly unique. We tried Muse Relaxation sensory headphones and were immediately thrilled with the results.

I often listen to meditation music, but on a recent business trip to Seville Spain, I had my first experience with guided meditation. Due to jet lag, I could not sleep no matter how hard I tried. My wife had the Muse headband and I decided to give it a test drive.

Muse has a polished, intuitive, and free meditation app that I downloaded. You simply choose a background and length of time, put on the headband, and follow. While you meditate or listen, the headband uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds.

The meditation guide’s female voice is so nice, natural and pleasant...we’re off to a good start. She starts by asking you to sit back, follow your breath. She points out that it’s okay when you can’t tune out your thoughts, that takes a bit of practice. I’m in then, because my thoughts sneak right back in every 10 seconds.

The guide helps get you started then leaves you quietly alone (without her voice) with some very tasteful light nature sounds.

At the end of the session, I truly felt lighter, more relaxed.

Calm Radio recommends Muse. - sold direct from for $249 USD

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