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Guided Meditation Music for Beginners Online with Calm Radio

By Angela Bird

You’ve enjoyed the refreshing feeling of savasana at the end of your yoga class, have read about the positive effects that meditation music has on your mind and spirit, and want to practice meditation at home. But where to begin? We have a few pointers to ease you into this beneficial new habit.

Set up your Meditation Space

  • Find a space in your home where you can spend some time alone for a few minutes.
  • Choose a place where you can sit or lay down comfortably. Gather items you need to be cozy for a short length of time: cushions, a yoga mat, and a blanket.
  • Let your family members know you’ll be unavailable.
  • Turn off your phone notifications.

Prepare your Meditation Mindset

  • If you’re new to meditating, sometimes you’ll find your mind wandering. To your workday, to what’s for dinner, to the weekend, or something you said earlier in the day. Don’t fight it, acknowledge the thought and let it pass by like a cloud drifting across the sky.
  • Choose an object or a point in the room to return your gaze and focus to if you find yourself distracted. The flame of a burning candle, a suncatcher in the window, or a mala bracelet on your wrist are a few examples.
  • Let your breath occur naturally, even when you’re bringing your attention to it.
  • Believe us when we say there’s no wrong way to meditate.
  • Most importantly, be patient with yourself!

Guided Meditation Music Playlists

Calm Radio has a new category of meditation music called Guided Meditation Music. They are peaceful, beautifully voiced, beginner-friendly playlists that last from anywhere between five and ten minutes.

Guided meditation music channels with names like Quiet, Peace, and Purpose let you choose the one that speaks to the meditation experience you wish to have.

Play guided meditation music on a bluetooth speaker, listen with headphones, or over your phone’s speaker. Make sure it’s at a volume where you can hear the vocal instructions, but not too loud as to be a distraction.

Walk Gently and in Peace

Once your guided meditation playlist is complete, take a final moment to check in with yourself. How is your body feeling? Have your shoulders relaxed? Are you breathing more slowly and deeply? Before you carry on with your day, take a moment to smile and express gratitude. Thank yourself for investing this time into your meditation practice. Approach the world with more patience, peace, and gratitude.

Make This a Habit!

Five or six minutes a day, it’s not a lot is it? Set an attainable goal for yourself to meditate more frequently and turn this into a habit! Whether that means once a day three times a week, or daily in the morning and before bed, commit to meditating for one month. Attainable goal for how frequently you want to do it.

Browse the full list of Guided Meditation Music Channels on Calm Radio today.


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