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Health and Wellness

The Perfect Background Music for Your Health and Wellness Business

By Ryan Spooner

Background music gets a bad rap. Years of painful Muzak emanating from bad department store speakers will do that. Thankfully, your clients and customers don’t have to suffer sonically like businesses of years past.

Business owners have enough to worry about, and there’s certainly no time to build playlists. To help, we have created a full selection of channels for Health and Wellness businesses in mind.

Background Music Is Good For Business

As a Health and Wellness practitioner, the spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing of your clients is paramount. Music has the power to influence that.

Research shows that music impacts us on a physiological level beyond only the aural. It has the power to influence what we buy, how we sleep, even how we experience pain. That is what makes the music selection for your business so vital.

You need to select music your customers will enjoy, that fits your brand, and that won’t annoy your staff. We at Calm Radio have compiled and curated playlists based on wellness. These are not made by an algorithm, but by musicians that appreciate and understand the power of music.

We have selected some of our top picks for Health and Wellness businesses, including the spa, yoga studio, the waiting room, and more. Here are some of the background instrumental music that will benefit your business and make your clients happy!

Background Music For The Spa

A visit to the spa is an escape to tranquility for your clients. Ensure that the music you play matches that. Research shows that music is a big part of the spa experience, on par with aesthetics like decor, temperature, and scent.

We have a selection of calm music that will create a welcoming space that prepares clients for a state of inner silence, quietness, and relaxation. Help them let go of tension during their pore-cleansing facial with our Spa Therapy channel. It is filled with tranquil instrumental music that creates the perfect ambience.

Relaxing Music for a Massage or Reiki

Whether you are performing a deep massage or a reiki healing, we have the right instrumental music. It can be used as a way to create calm and allow for more profound healing. In fact, playing relaxing and soothing music during the treatment can significantly enhance results.

Music puts your clients in the right frame of mind to facilitate relaxation. This allows them to experience the treatment to a much fuller extent. And because you have a large variety of clients, we provide access to several musical genres, all with their own calm channels. We have relaxing classical music, nature sounds, jazz music, and more, allowing you to tailor the music to your the tastes of your individual clients during treatment.

Calming Music for the Waiting Room

How many times are you stuck in a waiting room with uptempo top-forty playing on the radio? To make you even less calm, you have to listen to all the commercials! Hardly seems like a relaxing experience before you visit the doctor, dentist, or naturopath.

Studies show the power of classical music to help with pain reduction and calm, making it a missed opportunity to put your patients in a more peaceful state. Help ease the tension of lengthy wait times with our positive Waiting room channel. Curated specially for a relaxing and calming vibe to keep the patients happy... and patient!

Yoga Studio Music

A yoga playlist has to fit the flow of your class. Whether you have an intense and physical Vinyasa practice planned or are looking for a more restorative and calming session, we have multiple channels to choose from.

Classical Music For Business

Sometimes the classic approach is the best. In the early 90s, researchers at Texas Tech University conducted a field experiment, hoping to learn more about the power of background music.

They compared classical and top-forty in a wine store. The results proved that music has power over how we spend. The shoppers who listen to classical music spent more money than the top-forty listeners. Interestingly, they didn’t purchase more wine, but selected more expensive merchandise. The classical music-evoked perceptions of higher-priced merchandise.

If you are in the business that appeals to the intellectual or sophisticated side of your clients, classical music is right for you (research backs it up).

Calm, Relaxing Music For Your Business

There is no need for you to search the web for the perfect playlist. We do it for you. Just one click and you are in the middle of the perfect ad-free playlist for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more.

Calm Radio has over 1000 channels, many of which are focused purely on health and wellness. Visit our Channel Guide to explore and find channels that fit your business.

Happy listening!

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