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How to Drown Out Office Noise with White Noise

By Sucharitha Venkatesh

Disturbances and noises in the office can be a hindrance to productivity and concentration. Unwanted noises can interrupt the cycle of thoughts and consequently cause roadblocks in the workflow. Whether it is notifications, co-worker’s conversations, or general office noise, all these factors can cause significant workplace distress. While it is not practical to expect everyone to maintain silence, you can incorporate white noise sound in your workplace for enhanced productivity.

White noise is a combination of different frequencies meeting at equal intensity for a balanced sound. White noise reduces the difference between background noise and sudden disturbances, such as closing off doors or loud talking (Sabine, 2020). White noise can include different kinds of sounds such as, fan, air conditioner, air purifier, or beach waves. Hence, you have many options that you can use as your white noise. Since the sound is constant, it allows you to maintain your flow of thoughts without any interruptions. This sort of ambient noise creates a perfect atmosphere for a productive and creative workplace.

Some of the benefits of white noise at the office are

Improves concentration

White noise helps in improving your concentration and focus (Sabine, 2020). The constant and soothing background sound helps your mind from wandering off and redirects your focus to the task at hand. With white noise sounds, you will begin to notice that your level of focus has increased dramatically.

Improves productivity

With the use of white noise, your mind is no longer expending energy on blocking out distractions. This allows you to spend all of your energy and focus on your work. Hence, maximizing productivity and minimizing any chances of procrastination.

Creates a sense of privacy

If you have an open office or a cubicle, you can create an atmosphere of privacy with the help of white noise. This is because white noise will help you disconnect yourself from the external environment. Now you can feel comfortable and relaxed while working with the help of white noise.

Calm and peace

Research has shown that white noise has proven to satisfy the sensory need for stimulation. In turn, this helps your mind quiet down and be in a relaxed state (Sabine, 2020). Being in a peaceful state of mind during office hours will give you the perfect balance in life. You will no longer feel exhausted or experience burnout because you are already working in a perfectly healthy state of mind.

Reduces stress

With enhanced productivity and reduced noise disturbances at the office, you can enjoy a better quality of work environment. This reduces workplace stress and burnout. Thus, white noise helps in enhancing concentration, productivity, creativity, and reduces workplace stress. This drastically improves your workplace experience.

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Sabine (2020). What is white noise and why is it so powerful. Available at: (Accessed 27 August 2020).


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