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Relaxing Music to Soak Up The Last Moments of Summer

By Angela Bird

If you’ve just cruised through your summer, stuck in the same old routine, we have a few fun and inexpensive ways to soak up the last moments of summer. Here’s your chance to try something new!

Make the Summer Memorable: There’s Still Time!

As daylight fades earlier in the evening and the nights are cooler, Fall is making its approach known. We hope to inspire you to take a few hours to shake things up and make some memories.

Family Games Night

Put the phones away, set the tablets down, turn off the tv. Give yourselves a couple of hours of screen-free fun. Take a few minutes to introduce everyone around the table to a new card game. Invent new rules for a card game you all know how to play - a fun one for kids is Crazy Eight Countdown!

Board games can get competitive, (Monopoly has been outright banned at my house), so streaming a relaxing music channel can help tame tempers.

Try a challenging puzzle and start to work on it together. I’ve had some deep conversations while picking through jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Explore Your Own Town as a Tourist

When was the last time you explored your own city? What is your region known for? Invite a few friends out for a tourist day, make a plan to visit the museums, attractions, or natural wonders that make your city unique. Not sure where to start? Pop into a local hotel and check out the brochure rack in the lobby, or visit the tourist information center near you. Pop on a relaxing music channel like Coffee House or Ambient Lounge if you want something more fun.

Make some long-lasting memories by taking a mini road trip to visit a nearby town. Choose somewhere a couple of hours away, plan a few fun places to visit: parks, lakes, hidden gems, unique restaurants, or food trucks to grab a meal. Want something off the beaten track? Atlas Obscura is a website devoted to offbeat, unusual, quirky locations. Places with local legends, ghost stories, and haunted sightings are just a few of the spots you can venture to.

Shake Things up in the Kitchen

What’s the food you’ve always wanted to make? Is there a recipe that’s been bookmarked to try “when I have time”? Give yourself a morning to make that special meal happen. Read through the entire recipe first to get a sense of timing, ingredients, and steps.

Find a way to involve your kids in cooking. Little ones love to help, even if all they’re doing is stirring, mixing or measuring. If they’re old enough to hold a crayon, they’re big enough to be your kitchen helper.

If you’ve always deferred grilling to your partner, make this the summer you try your hand at barbecuing. There are so many recipes that are beginner-friendly with plenty of details to help you along the way. Put on some calming music, let go of your ideas of perfection, and try something new to eat.

Trying new things is great for the spirit! We hope that you’ll take a cue and embrace the unusual as well as the mundane. There’s a lot of fun to be had in unexpected places.

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