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Hammock Music — Sounds for Pure Relaxation

By Angela Bird

Most of us lead busy lives, the responsibilities of work and family leave us with precious little time to relax and unwind. Make the most of those fleeting moments and spend them in a hammock. There is a whole world of hammocks available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and applications, and we have playlists for each one!

The Backyard Hammock with Calming Cello Music

Strung between two trees, a canopy of leaves overhead, a gentle breeze and swaying branches. Your heart rate slows, your chest rises and falls with your natural breath, the dappled sunlight tickles your outstretched legs. Time seems to stand still when you’re in a hammock outside. What a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon! Bring your wireless speaker out with you and stream our PEACEFUL CELLO calming music channel. It’ll help mask the sound of your neighbours’ kids on the trampoline.

Hammock on a Balcony with Relaxing Bird Sounds

If you have a treeless yard or live in an apartment, a hammock isn’t out of reach! Sturdy hammock stands are a fantastic option, ranging from practical steel tubing to sheer works of architectural art! Apartment building balconies can be noisy places - the clamor of traffic and the city can interfere with deep relaxation. To achieve maximum enjoyment, lay back in your hammock, pop in some noise-canceling headphones and stream a calming nature music channel like TINY BIRDIES.

Hammocking Indoors with Waves Sounds

Hammocks aren’t just to be enjoyed outside. More and more people are opting to install hardware to put up a hammock indoors for year-round enjoyment.

Relaxing in a hammock indoors goes best with calm music.
Relaxing in a hammock indoors goes best with calm music.

Escape the heat, stay cozy during a rainstorm, or enjoy sleeping away from the mosquitos. Believe it or not, napping in hammocks has been scientifically studied! It was a small study in which participants who regularly napped in their day-to-day lives were asked to nap in a gently rocking hammock for the study. They fell asleep faster, and their brain waves indicated a deeper sleep than participants that slept in a traditional static bed. So in the name of science, we encourage you to enjoy a delicious Sunday afternoon hammock nap while listening to relaxing music on our BEACH WAVES sounds.

Hammock Chairs and Classical Music

A cross between a swing and a cocoon, hammock chairs are sold in all types of sizes and colours. Kids absolutely love sitting and rocking in a hammock chair. Suspended from the ceiling from a heavy-duty anchor loop, they have a small footprint and can fit in just about any space.

Hammock chairs provide a perfect space for children to read, study, or enjoy a snuggle. Its gentle swaying motion has the same soothing effect as a rocking chair. A soothing, calming classical music channel like CALMING PIANO is a beautiful way to help a child relax in their hammock chair.

Hammocks: That Sweet Summer Feeling

Gentle rocking helps people fall asleep faster, nap longer, and sleep more deeply. The swaying motion is relaxing and soothing, especially to children. Combine fresh air, a hammock and a calming music channel to keep that sweet summer feeling going. Try one of Calm Radio’s relaxing music channels the next time you hop in your hammock.


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