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Beach Waves

Ever wondered about the buzz around white noise sounds? White noise comes in various styles from beach waves to birds to rain nature sounds. Pure white noise actually is a spectrum of frequency favoring the mid to higher ranges.

Now you are wondering, “What the heck can white noise do for me?”

The Calm Radio Beach Waves Nature Sound channel has three uses. For sleeping, white noise sounds like beach waves can serve as a hypnotic pulse that your mind will focus on and help tune out external unwanted noises during the night.

The other and very important use has to do with ringing-in-the-ears, otherwise known as Tinnitus. Beach waves are used in TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) as sound maskers. They help to match the frequency you hear internally and can in effect cancel, distract or cancel-out the ringing.

The last important use for Calm Radio white noise channels has to do with working in a noisy environment like offices. Office noise can create a very loud environment that over time, can promote ringing in the ears or Tinnitus. Then when you leave that noisy environment at the end of your workday, you might actually start to hear bell-like tones in your head. You can prevent this from happening by playing white noise sounds like a fan, beach waves, rain sounds.

At Calm Radio, we have over 50 white noise sounds, from beach waves, river rain, wind, AC hum and many more. Using our website player or even our mobile apps, you can mix up to three additional white noise or nature sounds with any relaxing calming music channel. This allows you to create your own custom soundscape with any combination of different white noise nature sounds that make sense for your environment.

Lots to discover at Calm Radio for sure!

Eric Harry


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