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Tips for Studying in a Noisy Environment | Study Music and Classical Music from Calm Radio

By Angela Bird

The average college or university student encounters a variety of soundscapes in their day-to-day. When it comes to studying in a noisy environment, it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus. Here are three noisy scenarios with solutions for keeping your mind on task.

Keep Your Focus & Stay Productive with Study Music

Location: Sharing space with a roommate

Level of noise: Mild, with the occasional clatter

Scenario: Your new roommate is streaming on the living room TV, gaming on his computer, or listening to a podcast in the kitchen. You’re in your room, with the door closed, but you can still faintly hear it under the door.

Tip: Rather than getting annoyed, take deep breaths, and practice acceptance. Getting used to a new space and the rhythms of a new roommate takes patience.

Study Music Solution:

Work Beats (Chillhop) study music channel on your phone.

Location: Library or cafe

Level of noise: Medium

Scenario: You’re spending a few hours catching up on assignments using the wifi at your local cafe, or trying to finish your research at the library. People all around you are chit-chatting, catching up, or gently humming to themselves. There’s a steady level of ambient noise, no loud clatters or eruptions of laughter.

Tip: Turn your back to doors, face away from busy hallways, or where people are walking by.

Study Music Solution:

Brain Focus study music channel on in-ear headphones.

Location: Common area, cafeteria

Level of noise: High

Scenario: You’re in the common area, studying between classes or finishing up a project. Or taking a few moments in the cafeteria to get some reading done. There’s no escaping the conversations, excited greetings, dragging chairs, and phone notifications. You need something to block out all of the full range of sounds. Noise-cancelling technology has come a long way! Some headphones have processors that adjust their volume and frequency depending on the level and type of noise happening in your environment.

Tip: Bring a spare battery for your noise-cancelling headphones.

Study Music Solution:

Intense Study music channel on noise-cancelling headphones.

A few other tips to minimize distractions while studying:

  • Turn off notifications on your phone: set a Do Not Disturb timer or pop it into Airplane Mode.
  • Put a sign up on your door that you don’t want to be interrupted.
  • Set up your study environment with everything you need, and clear it of everything you don’t. A visually cluttered workspace does little to help you focus.
  • Pick up your laptop and move away from a noisy group, strong scents, or if someone is eating something that smells way too good.
  • Even if you’re not actively listening to study music, putting on over-the-ear headphones sends a visual signal that you don’t want to be disturbed.

We’ve devoted an entire section of Calm Radio to Study and Focus Music of all types, including classical music from Classical Piano to Chillhop and even various “colours” of ambient noise.

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