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Office Beats

Welcome to the soundtrack for your focused self. Calm Radio’s Office Beats music channel is filled with hours of Chillhop and Lo-fi grooves to power your productive day.

Dusty samples and ambient beats blend together to help you focus while studying, at work, when you need a creative spark, or when you just need some chilled out vibes.

If you have never experienced Chillhop before, get ready for the perfect combination of smooth jazz elements, vintage samples, and hip-hop beats.

The term Chillhop first appeared in the early 2000s when artists like Nujabes and J Dilla produced a Lo-fi Hip Hop sound characterized by its use of ambient, trip-hop, neo-soul, and jazz. These elements came together to produce a relaxed vibe, hence Chillhop.

This genre of music has become the staple of the studying student over the last decade. Riding a wave of nostalgia for Adult Swim Cartoons, Anime, and hip-hop, as well as its practical focus-related benefits, Chillhop has exploded in popularity.

Research is showing what many of us know, that music has the ability to help us focus. It does so by activating both hemispheres of our brain to maximize learning and improve memory. It provides non-invasive noise and pleasurable feelings, creating the distraction-free mood needed for quality studying.

With its slow tempos and relaxed moods, it’s the perfect modern genre for working, studying, and for some downtime. So lean back, turn on Office Beats and start studying for that midterm, finish off that work assignment, clean your house, or, better yet, chill.

Bringing together the best chilled-out, lounge-friendly artists from around the web, including bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube, this channel features Thievery Corporation, SAMURAI GURU, Poldoore, Nightmares on Wax, Birocratic, Bonobo, mecca:83, Gramatik, KAA-DDU, baaskaT, and more of your favourite DJs and artists.

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