432 Hertz - Theta Binaural - Depression & Anxiety
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432 Hertz - Theta Binaural - Depression & Anxiety

Meditation Music for Health and Wellbeing

Calm Radio’s Solfeggio Frequencies channel series is a collection of calming meditation music channels dedicated to helping you achieve the beneficial effects of ancient Solfeggio scales.

432 hertz is known as a pure and clean frequency that can help remove mental blocks and open a path to a more fulfilling life. 432 hertz is said to be the frequency of the Earth and Mother Nature. Connecting to this frequency is believed to have a healthy impact on life by synchronizing with the energies of the universe.

Sit comfortably and breathe deeply as you meditate to these healing sounds of meditation music. Let them clear your mind and lighten your energy as you become more in tune with yourself and the world around you. Meditation music is highly beneficial in helping you meditate better, to calm your thoughts, relax your body. For maximum benefits, we recommend listening to this meditation music channel using headphones.

What are Solfeggio Healing Frequencies?

Solfeggio scales are an ancient musical scale made up of six pure tonal notes, or frequencies. They were used by Benedictine monks in the 11th century to teach monastic chants structured on the six tones of this scale.

According to Dr. Alan Watkins, a neuroscience lecturer at Imperial College, London, those who perform the chants had the lowest heart rate and blood pressure while singing.

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