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Best of Brahms

Brahms’ Classical Music for Work, Focus and Relaxation

Calm Radio celebrates the beauty and eloquence of Johannes Brahms’ music, with the new Best of Brahms channel. Listen to the elegant, romantic music of this talented composer as you work, rest after a busy day, or prepare dinner. Let this beautiful classical music carry your worries away and help you recharge.

Like all great composers, Brahms lived an interesting and colourful life.

Here is a glimpse of his life’s story.

1. Brahms had his first musical training from his father at 7. At 10 he played private concerts to earn money for his education. At 13, to help out with family finances, Brahms played the piano in sailors’ taverns and local dance salons.

2. Brahms only started growing his famous beard when he was 45.

3. Brahms never married. He was engaged to Agathe von Siebold, but broke off their engagement with a note stating: “I love you!... But I can’t wear chains.” He did not want to be bound to anyone permanently.

4. Brahms was good friends Robert Schumann and his wife Clara. He was in love with Clara, who was 14 years older. After Robert’s death, they were free to go on holiday together, but when talk came of marriage, for reasons unknown to us again Brahms left. The pair remained lifelong friends.

5. Brahms last words — after taking a sip of wine, he exclaimed, “Ah - that tastes nice, thank you.”

Listen to this classical music channel for relaxation, or while you work and focus. Classical music has been known to improve concentration, and is great music for studying and productivity. Calm Radio’s free classical music channel Best of Brahms is a hand-picked selection of the best relaxing music from this great composer.

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