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Classical Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Calm Radio welcomes you to the world of classical music by the great Johann Sebastian Bach. Listen to some of the best classical music pieces of all time, and enjoy it as you work, to help you focus, sleep and relax.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is one of the most admired and prolific composers in the Late Baroque period. Known for some of the greatest works of all time, Art of the Fugue, Goldberg Variations, Brandenburg Concertos and St Matthew’s Passion.

Here are 9 interesting facts about the life of Bach.

All in the Family

Bach was born into a family of musicians going back several generations. His father was the town musical director, his brother Johann Christoph taught him harpsichord, several uncles were all professional musicians, and four of Bach’s sons also went on to become composers.

Job Application

Nowadays job seekers write resumes. Not Bach! He wrote his Brandenburg Concertos to try and get work with Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg. The application was ignored by Margrave.

Bach in Prison

Bach was arrogant, independent and not afraid to speak his mind. When Bach gave a notice of resignation to his employer Duke of Weimar, the Duke was so offended that he put Bach in jail for a month. The reason given was Bach “too stubbornly forcing the issue of his dismissal”.

Cryptic Numbers

Bach was fond of hiding secret numbers of 14 and 41 in his musical works, because they were derived from ancient numerology values of the letters within his own name.

Lots and Lots of Kids

Johann Sebastian Bach had 20 children, 7 with his first wife and 13 with his second wife. Only 10 of them lived to adulthood. Several of his sons, including Wilhelm Friedemann, Carl Philipp Emanuel, and Johann Christian, who was called the “English Bach,” also became composers.

First Sleep Music Composer Ever?

One of Bach’s pieces, the Goldberg Variations, was said to have been composed to help Count Keyserling sleep. The Variations were played by Johann Goldberg for the Count to help with his insomnia.

Wild About Coffee

Bach loved to drink coffee and was amused by people’s superstitions towards this new drink. He consumed up to 30 cups of Joe a day. He wrote a humorous Coffee Cantata that tells of a young woman in love with coffee.

Early Lasik

Bach died of complications from an eye surgery at 65. It was performed by a British eye surgeon John Taylor, a charlatan who blinded hundreds of patients, including Händel. Ironically, Taylor also ended up completely blind in his final years, and died in obscurity.


Bach composed an unbelievable 1128 pieces of music that have been preserved, but there are a further 23 pieces that were either lost or unfinished.

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