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Classical Guitar

Beautiful Classical Guitar Music for Relaxation

Classical guitar creates some of the most beautiful and relaxing music, and is an internationally beloved instrument. Listening to classical music with the guitar can instantly lift your mood, improve focus and productivity.

It is no wonder that the guitar has become one of the most popular instruments of all time, as it can be easily played by a beginner, and most popular music involves the guitar. It has evolved over a myriad of styles, from flamenco, blues, folk and rock. Here is a brief look at how the guitar’s popularity rose to stardom.

An Ancient Instrument

The guitar’s ancestry dates back thousands of years. A 3,330 year old stone carving was found of a Hittite band in Babylonia, playing a chordophone. The English term “guitar”, the German “gitarre”, the French “guitare” were all adopted from ancient Greek “kithara”. Kithara appears four times in the Bible.

The Early Spanish Guitar

The first two guitars are attributed to have been created in 1200 medieval Spain, as the “guitarra latina” and the “guitarra morisca”. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the vihuela was considered to be the most important influence of the modern guitar.

The Modern Classical Guitar

Finally in 1850, the modern classical guitar was credited to Antonio Torres Jurado, a Spanish luthier, who increased the size of the body and invented the internal fan-braced pattern. Torres’ design greatly improved the volume, tone and projection of the instrument, and has remained essentially unchanged since.

The Star Performer

In the 20th century, a Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia famously transcribed many baroque and classical music pieces composed for the guitar. His captivating performances showed the world that the guitar is capable of playing in large concert halls, not only in private spaces. Segovia was ennobled by King Juan Carlos I of Spain in 1981 for his contribution to music and the arts.

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