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Magic Night

Exclusive Calming Music for Sleep

Magic Night is one of Calm Radio's latest additions to its sleep music collection. Composed using binaural beat frequencies, this channel is designed to relax you into a calm sleep.

Calm Radio founder and composer of this sleep music channel, Eric Harry, says:

"For me, the best sleep requires a calm mind and relaxed body. In my travels I prefer the simplest, most sustained non-melodic textures that promote a sort of hypnotic state that will lull the body's breathing and slow down the heart rate".

Magic Night can be listened to with or without headphones. Get comfortable as you prepare for bed, play this calming music on low volume, and notice as the frequencies soothe and lull you to sleep.

What are binaural beats?

Brainwaves are divided into four categories: Delta waves (deep sleep), Theta waves (somnolence and reduced consciousness), Alpha waves (physical and mental relaxation), and Beta waves (being agitated or tense). Listening with binaural beats can help our left and right brainwaves align, promoting more restful sleep and a more relaxed state.

Binaural beats use sub-hearing frequencies that pulse slowly in a bottom layer of the music track. For instance, 0.1 to 4 Hertz (Delta), 4 to 7 hertz (Theta), 7 to 13 hertz (Alpha) and 13 to 30 hertz (Beta).

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