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Meditative Cello

Peaceful Instrumental Music For Study, Focus, and Meditation

Close your eyes, take a deep breath... and let the warm sounds of meditative cello wash away your stress.

Calm Radio’s Meditative Cello channel features some of the most beautiful and calming cello music. It’s filled with hours of lush, gorgeous cello pieces specifically curated with meditation in mind.

The cello is one of the most natural musical instruments, mimicking the range of the human voice. It is gentle and complex, making it a great choice as meditation music and as relaxing instrumental music for work and study.

A cello is a large bowed instrument developed in the 16th century, with a characteristic low pitched sound. The full-bodied bass notes of the cello make it a great solo instrument, as represented beautifully in solo cello performances of Yo Yo Ma, Rostropovich, Misha Maiskiy, and many other great cellists. The rich sound of the cello also adds beautiful depth to performances.

Calm’s free Meditative Cello was curated to include only the most soothing sounds to put you in a meditative state. Listen to this hypnotic instrument and let your mind quiet down and rest.

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