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Calm Music for Meditation

Calm Radio's Solitude channel is relaxing meditation music that will help you achieve a state of serenity. Listen to calm, reflective cello music to inspire and awaken your creativity as you rest or meditate.

The Benefits of Solitude

(def.) A state of seclusion, of being alone and listening to the self.

1 - Being alone increases empathy. People can sometimes distract us from our inner self. Spending time alone helps us develop compassion.

2 - Solitude increases productivity. Today’s busy offices are great for communication, however people are more productive when they have a little privacy.

3 - Solitude sparks creativity. Musicians, sculptors, painters all seek their own private studios or cabin in the woods. They know the secrets of solitude. Solitude allows their creative urges to wander and bring forth fresh ideas.

4 - Solitude lets you plan your life. Being with yourself allows you to examine your purpose, your goals and your dreams.

5 - Solitude makes you stronger emotionally. Emotions need calm, clear and concise moments to make any and all decisions.

Calm music has been shown to be very helpful for relaxation, meditation, stress reduction and concentration. Whenever you feel the need to retreat, focus or simply rest, play some calming music to help you get there quicker.

Enjoy Calm Radio’s free meditation music and calm music for sleep and focus. Enjoy our many free relaxing meditation music channels in the Calm app available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Alexa, Roku, Sonos, Bluesound, Kindle, Apple TV, and many other mobile apps.

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Enjoy your audio journey anywhere, even without internet. Calm Radio offers unique audio experiences – curated music, Sounds of Nature, relaxing ambience – so you can work, can focus, can relax, can sleep.

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