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Calm’s Spa music channel was the third free relaxation music channel we launched many years ago. It remains to this day as one of Calm Radio’s most popular and top performing health and wellness music channels.

Enjoyed by many health professionals, this online calming Spa music channel is the perfect complement for massage with music, for yoga music, meditation music, focus and study music. Unwind after your long day with Spa and enjoy artists like 2002, Enya, Acoustic Ocean, Darshan Ambient, Bruno Sanfillippo, David Darling, Gandalf, Paul Avgerinos, Peter Kater, Dean Evenson, David Darling, R. Carlos Nakai. Many of these artists have contributed to us at Calm Radio and we are grateful. 

Enjoy all Calm Radio free online music channels in the Calm app available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Alexa, Roku, Sonos, Bluesound, Kindle and many other mobile apps.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful music channel and we would like to thank all the creative and unique ambient music artists that have contributed to this calming Spa music channel.

Eric Harry


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