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Study Piano

There is no doubt that music can be a powerful study aid, yet the kind of music you listen to matters. That is why we have created this Study Piano channel. It’s filled with peaceful, meditative, melody-driven solo piano music. It’s music that doesn’t distract or get in the way of your focus.

Research has found that listening to soothing music while studying can help students perform, bolster their concentration, and help them do better on tests.

This channel is filled with peaceful and harmonious songs that create a calm and serene study environment for you. The consistent beats and steady, repetitive pulse of the music make it a simple and effective way to stay focused and reduce anxiety. Not too loud, not too fast, it’s study music that is nice and relaxed.

Because your study soundtrack should be largely comprised of songs with minimal to no lyrical content, this instrumental, solo piano music is a great choice. As a side benefit it also relieves anxiety, calms an overactive mind, and can lead to a better sleep – just what a busy student needs.

This channel is filled with a contemporary mix of award-winning, internationally recognized pianists and composers who specialize in creating the perfect soundscapes for relaxing study music. Acclaimed artists like David Nevue, Wayne Gratz, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Christopher Boscole, Laura Sullivan, Christine Brown, Ludovico Einaudi, Michele McLaughlin, and Robin Spielberg will keep your attention focused.

More than just studying, this piano music is a great accompaniment to time spent relaxing, reading, during times where concentration is needed, or just some soft music while you work.

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