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Calm Body, Calm Mind: How to Stretch Your Way to Better Health

By Calm Radio

The human body is designed for regular movement, but sitting down for prolonged hours has become the new norm for many. A few simple stretches throughout the day can greatly improve the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

The Impact of Too Much Sitting

We all know that sitting at the desk for too long with minimal exercise is not good for our health. It can slow down our metabolism, create pressure in the lower back, affect the posture and our overall sense of well-being. Fortunately, we don’t all need to be Olympic athletes to be healthy! A few simple daily exercises can help us stay fit.

Take Short Movement Breaks

One of the most practical ways to help lessen the impact of prolonged sitting is by making a conscious effort to stand up every 20 to 30 minutes. Find a reason to stand up from your workstation. It could be to get a glass of water, take a short walk across the room, up or down a flight of stairs, or have a quick chat with a coworker across the hall.

A minute or two of standing can help relieve the pressure from the spinal discs. This can help improve the symptoms that you may be experiencing from too much sitting. For a more effective relaxation, listen to a few tracks of calming wellness music or relaxing classical music while you go for a stroll. This will keep your mind calm, refreshed and improve your focus.

Simple Exercises to Keep Your Lower Back Healthy

The Knees Roll

The knees roll is a very simple exercise which aims to improve the strength and mobility of your spine.

Lie down on your back, fold your knees and keep them together. Then move them to one side, feeling the stretch in your lower back. Hold the stretch for a few seconds, then move back to the starting positing, repeating the stretch to the other side.

Forward Fold

The forward fold will exercise both your lower back and thigh muscles and help you gain more flexibility and mobility in your hips.

Stand up and slowly bend at the waist, keeping your legs straight, and aim to touch the floor with your palms or fingers.

The Knee to Chest Stretch

This exercise is very good to do to improve the strength and flexibility of your glutei muscles.

Lie down on your back, with your legs stretched. Take both hands and pull up one knee to your chest. Hold and relax. Release and repeat with the other leg.

Back Extensions

This exercise will strengthen all the muscle groups in your back and should be a part of your morning routine even if you do not suffer from lower back pain.

Lie down on your stomach, prop yourself up on your elbows. Slowly arch your back while lengthening your spine and neck. Hold for several seconds, breathe, and release.

Bottom to Heels Stretch

Another useful exercise, helping strengthen your back and upper legs muscles, the bottom to heels stretch can be a great part of your warm-up and morning routine.

Starting on all fours, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees below the hips, slowly move your bottom backwards to fold and touch your heels. Keep your elbows and back relaxed. Hold for one deep breath, then return to the starting position.

Relaxing Music Playlist for Stretching

Stretching to slow relaxing music is that much more enjoyable! Stretch to our soothing Wellness music channels, calming Spa music, and a huge selection of relaxing Meditation music channels.

Everyday Stretches for a Relaxed Body

At the end of your workday, it’s very refreshing to stretch your muscles for a boost of energy. We have selected 6 easy stretches that you can try - and paired them with a recommended relaxing music playlist!

Stretch to the relaxing music of Tranquility

Standing up, cross one leg over the other. If you cross your right leg over your left leg, lean to your right (and vice versa). Stabilize yourself with a chair if necessary.

Stretch to the calming music of Om

Standing up, move one leg back while you keep your front leg bent. Lean forward (avoid moving your knee past your toes).

Stretch to the peaceful sounds of Spa music

Lie on your back. Bend both legs and lift them up. Place the heel of one leg on the knee of the other. Pull the bottom leg towards your chest.

Stretch to the wellness music of Aromatherapy

Keep one leg bent while lying down. Pull your other leg towards your chest and hold to feel the stretch.

Stretch on your at-home Yoga Retreat

Sit down with one leg out straight and the other bent towards you. Reach for the outstretched leg. As you get more flexible, try bending your head towards your knee.

Stretch to Calming Classical music

Lie on your back. Put the soles of your feet together and open your knees. Use your hands to push your knees down towards the ground.

Stretch to All the Relaxing Music Playlists on Calm Radio

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Happy listening!


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