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Calm Meditation Music

Calm Radio’s Tranquility channel is a blissful meditation music channel, featuring Nepalese singing bowls with the beautiful cello music of Jesse Ahmann.

To find tranquility within, play some pleasant calm music to help quiet your mind. Focus on the gentle sounds, becoming more aware of your breathing, relaxing your body. Meditation music can help soothe your nervous system, slow your breathing and ease anxiety. Tranquility is 3 hours in length. Calm's free cello meditation music channel is 9 minutes.

What is Tranquility?

Being in a tranquil or ‘restorative’ environment allows individuals to take a break from the periods of mind overload that characterize modern living. Prolonged periods of sustained mental activity can lead mental fatigue… which can then affect daily performance, lead to irritability and negative emotions.

Try adding these positive stimuli in your day and reducing negative stimuli to increase tranquility:

Positive Stimuli:
- natural landscapes
- rivers, streams, beaches
- birds, animals
- night sky without moon

Negative Stimuli:
- vehicles, cars, trucks, machinery
- large numbers of people
- power lines, wind turbines
- noise

Listen to all of Calm Radio’s free calm music channels and meditation music channels available in the Calm app. Enjoy our free meditation and sleep music on over 20 platforms, like iPhone, iPad, Android, Alexa, Roku, Sonos, Bluesound, Kindle, Apple TV, and many other mobile apps.


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