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Bands of the Twenties

Jazz Music of the 1920s

Introducing a new series of early jazz music from the 1920’s on Calm Radio: an exciting new decade that marked the beginning of the modern music era.

Calm Radio’s new Bands of the Twenties jazz music channel evokes a bygone spirit in everyone and is a welcome diversion from our normal listening these days. Listen to this relaxing jazz music channel and feel yourself transported into the glamorous twenties of the past!

Did you know?

The Roaring Twenties: At the end of the First World War, everyone was eager to celebrate. Glitzy clubs, entertainment and the cinema were more available than ever, and Hollywood movie stars were embraced for all their pizzazz and glamour. Welcome to the Roaring Twenties!

The Jazz Age: The new lively unrestricted sounds of jazz music were the essence of the 1920s, giving this era its name “Jazz Age”. Its appeal to young men and women, both white and black, was evident in the dance clubs and ubiquitous popularity of live jazz bands.

The Prohibition of Alcohol: began in 1920 which lead to an underground market for drinking and the creation of secret places like speakeasies, jazz clubs, and dance clubs where the styles of dance bands flourished.

Flappers & Fashion: As women gained their right to vote, fought for their independence and started their careers, the young modern woman emerged as a Flapper. She cut her hair, wore short dresses, drank, smoked, and danced the night away at clubs and jazz parties.

Take a trip down Memory Lane with Calm Radio’s fabulous Bands of the Twenties jazz music channel. Versatile, unique and lots of new but old music you’ve never experienced before.

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