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The Legendary Classical Music of Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi was a classical composer, innovator, virtuoso violinist, and priest, whose genius influenced many notable musicians across Europe, including Bach.

He pushed the form and pattern of concertos to new places, was innovative with his melodies and themes, and created classical music that is playful and exuberant.

Despite his fame and genius, his music was nearly lost to obscurity. Thankfully, composer and pianist, Alfredo Casella revived Vivaldi’s music in the early 20th century, ensuring that one of the most important musical figures of his age received the appreciation he deserved.

His legacy continues today. Performers and classical music enthusiasts still find new meaning and excitement in his compositions. In fact, Vivaldi’s work continues to be discovered, quite literally. In 2003 and 2005 two works that were thought lost to history, were rediscovered by scholars.

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