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Johann Strauss II

Glorious Classical Music of Johann Strauss II

Calm Radio celebrates the magnificent music of Johann Strauss II with this classical music channel. Listen to Strauss’ waltzes and many other beautiful pieces and let them instantly relax and uplift you.

Johann Strauss II (1825-1899) was an Austrian composer of the Romantic Era, who has been immortalized in history as “The Waltz King”.

Here are some fascinating facts about Strauss.


Johann Strauss II was born in Vienna in 1825, to a musical father and Jewish grandparents. His father, Johann Strauss I, was a well-known composer. Wanting to shield his children from the difficulties of a musical career, he put a lot of effort into preventing Johann II from becoming a musician, and instead wanted him to be a banker. The younger Johann pursued music anyway, and his talent and fame eventually eclipsed his father’s.

The Young Composer

Strauss studied the violin in his youth, hiding it from his father, and later began composing. His work was praised early on and he ended up competing in the orchestra alongside Johann Strauss I. After his father’s death in 1849, Strauss successfully combined both of their orchestras and toured Russia and England, where he was very well received.

The Waltz

Strauss composed over 500 dance pieces, of which 150 were waltzes. He wrote The Blue Danube in 1867, which is his most famous waltz and is the most well-known even today. Although many couples danced to Strauss’s beautiful waltzes, he himself was a terrible dancer and never participated.

Waltzes as Gifts

Strauss was married three times, and gave waltzes as presents for each of his wives. He composed Bluette-Polka Francaise and Karnivalbotschafter for his first wife Jetty. The Kuss Walzer was given to his second wife Lili, and his third wife Adele got a waltz named after her, the Adelen-Walzer.

Anxious Personality

The magnificent music of Strauss is quite a contrast to some of his fearful personality traits. He was a hypochondriac who hated the sun and the outdoors, was anxious when travelling, afraid of storms, getting old, sick, blind, and becoming poor.

A Composer Until The Very End

Strauss was full of energy and continued composing up until his final days. He died of pneumonia in 1899, while writing a ballet Cinderella, which was never finished. He was 73.

Remembered In Gold

The Viennese society fell in love with Strauss and his waltzes, and honoured their composer with a full length statue in gold. The statue shows the Waltz King playing the violin, as romantic figures swirl in a dance around the arch surrounding him. The statue was created in 1921, and its golden surface is actually gilded bronze.

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