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Flying Dreams

Relaxing Sleep Music for Dreaming

FLYING DREAMS is an 8 hour ambient music dreamscape composed by Eric Harry, the founder of Calm Radio. This deeply calming sleep music channel is like an ocean of ambient sounds, designed to calm your mind and relax you into a restful sleep.

Sleep music works best when you have prepared your environment for sleep. Turn off any lights and devices, minimize distractions, get comfortable and keep your room cool for sleeping. If you are travelling or can't control the sounds around you, try wearing a sleep mask and headphones for maximum comfort. Once you are ready, play calming ambient music on low volume and let your mind focus on the sounds, slowly drifting off into an enchanting sleep.

“Imagine floating high above the clouds, soaring towards the sunset horizon, like an eagle overlooking the earth below. The world is yours to see and imagine”. — Eric Harry

What Do Dreams About Flying Mean?


Flying usually represents a sense of freedom or escape. It also means feeling untouchable. When you fly, you can experience a soulful feeling of innocent simplicity.


When you fly, as a bird you have an overview from above, which can translate as a metaphor for you being responsible for looking out for someone. This could be an elderly person or children.


As an eagle or bird of prey, flying’s purpose is usually to hunt for small rodents or insects, to feed your nestlings. In your dream you could be thinking about having to feed your family.

A Way to Solve a Problem

Metaphorically you could be flying and hunting for a solution to a problem and you want to view this problem from a larger perspective…like stepping back from something so you can analyze it better.

Flying Dreams is one of many sleep music channels on Calm Radio composed exclusively by the founder to help you sleep better. It is 8 hours for Calm Radio members and 8 minutes for free listeners.

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