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Sensory Deprivation

Music for a Calm Sleep

Sensory Deprivation is Calm Radio’s unique sleep music channel, composed with the intention of creating an immersive sound experience of calm. The rich and soothing sound of Sensory Deprivation can help you sleep better, meditate without distractions, clear your mind, and de-stress.

Sensory Deprivation helps achieve a state of deep calm by deliberately removing external stimuli. It encourages a meditative state by relaxing the mind while muting the senses. One sensory deprivation technique is floating in a tank filled with salt water, minimizing the pull of gravity, devoid of light and sound, helping reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, and stimulate creative thought.

The music in our new Sensory Deprivation channel was exclusively composed by Calm Radio’s founder, Eric Harry, to inspire such an experience.

“I tried to imagine a dark room, with my ears submerged in a sensory deprivation tank, bathed in sound yet devoid of any thoughts. Let the sounds pull your focus into a solitary centre, make your mind still, yet completely aware of all the five senses.” — Eric Harry

By listening to Calm Radio’s Sensory Deprivation channel you can unleash the powerful benefits of Sensory Deprivation such as enhanced sleep quality, increased creativity, and increased well-being, to name a few.

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