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Walk Away

Disconnect and Sleep Well with Relaxing Music

Social media, negative news, our personal lives, our work lives can all contribute to difficulty with sleep. Cellist and composer Jesse Ahmann inspired us to create Calm Radio’s latest sleep music channel, Walk Away.

“I composed this piece with an intention of walking away from Facebook. I have friends at each other’s throats, arguing about the latest political news event. I suggest turning off the news, turning off your phone and just listen to a sweet melody.”

Calm music for sleep is very beneficial for relaxing, especially if you have trouble sleeping. Play calming music softly on low volume and let it drift you off into a relaxing sleep.

Walk Away sleep music channel is 3 hours in length for Calm Radio members and 8 minutes for free listeners.

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Enjoy your audio journey anywhere, even without internet. Calm Radio offers unique audio experiences – curated music, Sounds of Nature, relaxing ambience – so you can work, can focus, can relax, can sleep.

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