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Today's Feature

A series of stories curated to help you live your best calm life

Aromatherapy, Meditation & Music: The Perfect Blend

Aromatherapy dates back thousands of years. Scientific interest, conversely, is a more recent phenomenon. Its leap into laboratories began, like many scientific discoveries, by accident.

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Gregorian Chant: Music for Meditation and Healing

If I told you that Radiohead, Duffy, Jack Johnson, and Amy Winehouse were at the top of the UK charts in the first half of 2008, you wouldn’t be that surprised. What if I told you that right there among these stadium-filling mega acts was a group of Cistercian Monks from a monastery in the southern part of the Vienna woods singing medieval liturgical music. Far less believable, right?

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Focus Music To Inspire Your Creative Energy

There are a wide variety of ways that people are reacting to stay at home orders. Some are trying to work a job with toddlers running around the house. Some have built elaborate Rube Goldberg machines out of household items. While others are just flat out bored. We all have our stories.

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The Way to Calm - Deep Breathing & Relaxing Music

Breath. It is our divine gift which is vital to life. It is the key to wellness and relaxation.

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