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Today's Feature

A series of stories curated to help you live your best calm life

The Origins of Jazz Music

In 1917, Jazz music marked the 100th anniversary of its first recording. Even though it has had a considerable impact on society on how we perceive popular culture since that period in history, its origins do still know some interesting mysteries. In this article, we are going into the origins of the groundbreaking innovations that formed the musical genre of jazz.

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Calm Body, Calm Mind: How to Stretch Your Way to Better Health

The human body is designed for regular movement, but sitting down for prolonged hours has become the new norm for many. A few simple stretches throughout the day can greatly improve the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

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How to Drown Out Office Noise with White Noise

Disturbances and noises in the office can be a hindrance to productivity and concentration. Unwanted noises can interrupt the cycle of thoughts and consequently cause roadblocks in the workflow. Whether it is notifications, co-worker’s conversations, or general office noise, all these factors can cause significant workplace distress. While it is not practical to expect everyone to maintain silence, you can incorporate white noise sound in your workplace for enhanced productivity.

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Does Music and Sound Truly Help You Sleep Better?

With the constant flow of thoughts in your mind, it may be difficult to unwind and sleep restfully. This is where sleep music or sounds of nature can help your mind quiet down and allow your body to be in its restful state. Music and sleep are a blend that can heal your body, mind, and emotions in powerful ways.

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