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You can now stream content from your Calm Radio app using an Android or iOS device such as your iPad, iPhone to a Chromecast dongle that is connected on the back of your TV. We have added built-in stunning background videos to make your Chromecast experience visually and sonically unforgettable.

How to Use Google Chromecast with iPad, iPhone and Android

Before you start, ensure that your Chromecast dongle is connected to your TV, your mobile device is turned on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and you have installed our free Calm Radio app available in the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple).

  1. Open the Play Store/App Store
    On your device, look for the Play Store app (Android) or App Store (Apple).
  2. Find the Chromecast app
    Search for Chromecast. The official app will be the first result.
  3. Install the Chromecast app
    Click Install, then follow the instructions. You can click Devices to ensure that your Chromecast and your mobile device recognize each other.
  4. Open your Calm Radio app
    After opening the Calm Radio app, select any channel then start the channel.
  5. Connect Calm Radio to Chromecast
    Press the Chromecast icon near the top of the Calm Radio app and select your Chromecast device.
  6. Calm Radio from Your TV
    After you press the Chromecast icon, and chose the nearest Chromecast device in the Calm Radio app, the channel you chose should start broadcasting automatically to your TV.
    Each music category will feature a stunning background video to enhance your listening experience.


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Android App Quickstart

  1. Download our free Android app from the Google Play Store. (Search "Calm Radio"). Download Here.

  2. After the app has fully downloaded, select and open the blue CALM RADIO icon on your device’s Home screen.
  3. Sign in, or Sign up for an account (Press Sign In / Sign Up).
  4. The app will start on the HOME screen, where you can select a channel for playback or see your favorited channels (or you can go to the MUSIC menu for more channel options).
  5. Swipe up or down to see available categories, and swipe left or right view available channels.
  6. Select any channel to start playing.
  7. You will now be taken to the NOW PLAYING section. You can tap the album cover to see the song information at any time.

1 - "Favorite" This Channel

Use this to add the currently playing channel to your Favorites sub-section in the MUSIC menu, for easy recall of your favorites.

2 - More Options Menu

Various additional features are found here, such as:

  • Sleep / Wake Timer
  • Chromecast - please visit our Chromecast support page here : CHROMECAST-CALM RADIO
  • Share currently playing song
  • Equalizer - customize your sound
  • Background image/video selector - choose a static or video background - This feature allows you to set the background to a wide array of stunning videos/images while you play

3 - Main Settings/Account Menu

Pressing the "More" menu will bring you to the MAIN SETTINGS/ACCOUNT menu, letting you:

  • Edit your Account Details or reset your password
  • Pick an Equalizer to customize your sound (*premium subscribers only)
  • access the SETTINGS menu, enabling you to
    • select BITRATE (for slower connections)
    • select Direct or PORT 80 streams (Port 80 streams are for playback behind firewalls)
    • select RESTORE IN-APP PURCHASE - If you don't see your in-app purchases. (If you restored from a backup, or you deleted and reinstalled an app that you've made in-app purchases for)
    • select Language

4 - Adding Nature Sounds

Calm Radio’s Android app for both handheld and tablet devices features our patented Multimixing capability.

  1. To add a nature sound layer, simply use the “+” icon to the left of the volume slider (#4 in "NOW PLAYING" diagram at the top of this support page).
  2. Select a layer and it will start to play with the music.
  3. To adjust the volume of either channel, simply use the volume icon beside each layer.






Stream Dropouts

If your device is losing connectivity due to either:

  • inconsistent or slow wifi / data
  • mobile signal is switching between towers
  • mobile data is switching between 3G and 4G/5G

We highly recommend you enter the Calm Radio app’s Settings menu and reduce the audio quality setting to either Normal or Mobile.

Closing Background Apps

Your device may have too many applications open in the background memory which can cause your device to stall or slow down resulting in poor performance. Close as many apps as possible if your device response is slow.

View Open Apps. Click on the bottom the left of the Home button to reveal your open apps. This will reveal all the application you have previously opened.

Close an app. You can remove individual applications from the background memory, or select “Close All” to remove all open applications from memory. This is a safe procedure and will not result in losing installed apps.

Re-installing Your App

It may be necessary occasionally to re-install your Calm Radio Android app. To re-install your app:

  1. Delete the Calm Radio app by opening your phone’s Settings app
  2. Look for “Apps
  3. Look for Calm Radio
  4. Select “Uninstall
  5. Then, visit the Play Store app on your device, and search for “Calm Radio


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