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Sony Dash internet radios use the dash.chumby.com web management portal to manually add custom radio station URLs. Once you update your dash.chumby.com account with Calm Radio's URLs, they will then appear in your radio’s Internet Radio menu.

Setup Instructions

Here is how to use dash.chumby.com on your Sony Dash device:

Step 1

  1. First, visit the My Account menu on the CalmRadio.com website.
  2. Choose "My Internet Radio URLs" from the bottom of the page. 
  3. Select "View Full Table."
  4. Choose either "Direct Links" (preferred) or "With Port 80" Authentication URL Type 2.
  5. Download or email the URLs you will need to enter into the MY ADDED STATIONS menu of your dash.chumby.com account.

Step 2

  1. Next, you need to register for an account at dash.chumby.com
  2. You will need to add your device Registration Code to the dash.chumby.com account.
  3. To retrieve your ID #, navigate to the Internet Radio menu (on your device) and click the right arrow
  4. From the HOME screen, press the MENU/SNOOZE button on top of the unit. The command bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Touch MENU.
  6. Select System and then select Device Info.
  7. The registration code is shown near the bottom of the screen. It is a four digit alpha-numeric character set.

Step 3

  1. From Calm radio's URL list you downloaded, copy and paste the URL of your preferred channel, into your Chumby account
  2. The channel will now show up in your Sony Dash

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